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20160417_135333So Max and I decided to go to downtown Savannah this past weekend. It was a beautiful day out… one with lots of new smells for prince charming. He stops 100 times in a mile to smell something. I have literally seen him smell the individual branch of a small shrub. The plus side… I have no food crumbs lying around my house!20160417_141006


We spent most of our time here at Forsythe Park. Its the largest of several parks within the city limits. The fountain to the right is it’s centerpiece. It was built in 1858. and resembles a few other fountains found around the world, including Paris and Peru. The park is always full of activity, and a beautiful day like today was no exception. It  covers 30 acres and is both open playing fields and a shaded circular walkway all the way around. There is alsoforsyth-park-night-large a shaded walk way directly through the center. The shade is provided by magnificent live oak trees. If you look behind the fountain you will see a bride and groom exchanging vows…20160417_135300

We had a great day. Savannah really is a beautifully unique city. It has its own sense of charm and charisma I have seen no where else. Horse and Buggy, bicycle tours, haunted house tours, fine dining, great parks, unique people… all just some of the things found in Savannah.



Watch for the Savannah Photo Gallery!


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