He fansies himself a poet…

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One of my difficulties with writing is coming up with a suitable topic. I reread something I had written last year and, well it was inspiring. But t was something that I felt.

I’m really just a country boy like it says in my about page. My momma grew up in the foothills of the smokey mountains. She was born in the house, not in a hospital. Walked pretty near a mile to catch the bus to go to school.

No running water or electric. Did chores everyday. Probably twice a day… Before and after school. All total 11 brothers and sisters. Family. That was some of my influences growing up.

That sense of family people had 50 years ago, is gone. My nephew’s and cousins will never carry on what my aunt’s and uncles did… I have cousins I haven’t seen in years… More than 10… Kids of cousins I have never met. Family.

That’s what held America together. Not presidents, not defenses. It wasn’t more or less taxes. It was families. They worked together. They played together. They ate together!

We need to get back to what’s important. People…. Hmmmm…. You know what though? Not sure we can go back. I believe we have crossed that point of no return.

There is too much greed. Sure I’ll help you. What’s in it for me? Don’t get me wrong. There are some good people and organizations out there… 100 years ago it was the majority of the people and I’m pretty sure there was NO profit for help organizations.

Where did we go wrong? Fate? Technology?

See… Nichole said I was ADD. That’s attention deficit disorder. It’s why I can go from one topic to the next without missing a breath.

Maybe I will start a journal…

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  • Randy May says:

    Hey DA, I must have ADD also because I followed along, never missing a “lick” and all I read seemed to flow and fit just fine together!

    My thought is that we don’t need to go back … we just need to reassess ourselves and our actions and think about what legacies we want to leave here once we are ready to transition. I, for one, want my family of procreation to remember me just like I remember my parents, grand parents, uncles, aunts cousins and so on. I don’t use a cell phone, I don’t text, I don’t take welfare of any kind yet I am smiling all the time, I am happy, joyous and free … I am what I am, a real live human that has been shown many blessings in my life and I share them with others, yet foremost with my children and grand children. Maybe someday, they will refer to me as grandpa Randy, that story teller with ADD! Lol ….

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