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So, I wanted to take a moment to share with you the past year and what I have planned for the coming year.

I don’t know, lol.

No, seriously… It has been a pretty tough year. Especially the holidays. While I put on a happy face, inside I was alone. I understand there is a difference between alone and lonely. Well then, I was both. I have been trying to fill that void ever since.

I thought I had found my happily ever. I now know God had other plans. So I started going out and doing things to meet other people. Didnt really have much luck there. I didn’t meet many women that way, and those I did meet I could have not spent the rest of my life with them.

I have tried dating sites… now there is an experience in itself. I’ve been lied to… caught them in the history of their written words!, conned, bamboozeled, stood up, hustled… so my philosophy about internet dating is guilty until proven innocent!

Yet, I am still optomistic that God has another Angel in store for me.

She was my Angel. I knew it the first time I saw her. It took a long time for her to say yes to first go out with me. I was persistant. This online persistance usally ends in a lack of trust. Yes, there are numerous scams out there, I hear her telling me to be careful, lol. As ya’ll know I am pretty hard headed though and have had to learn the hard way on a couple instances.

As a side note, I don’t really hear her. Don’t want anyone to think I’ve gone crazy or anything. It’s more of a thought. She’d have said this or she’d have done that kind of thing. I think I will have a thought or two of those forever. As it approaches one year, I find myself appreciative of the time we spent together. Honored to have been influenced by her life. I am a better person because of her and will always carry a part of her with me. Do new Angels understand that philosophy?

April 1st I am going to start back at my online love… 1 Modern Solution and DAHOST4U. I miss the interactions of the members and fellow owners. I miss writing the emails. I’ve actually already started doing a lot of background changes and tidying up gor the “relaunch”. I’m also going to try and keep up more here. At least once a week. If your subscribed, you will get an email notification.

It’s been a long year. Full of good decisions and a few stupid decisions. Isn’t that human, though? To err? To learn from our mistakes (even us hard heads)? When I was us, we made those decisions together. We relied on each others support to fix the bad ones. You dont really realize how hard that is until you find yourself without that support. She always said she didn’t know how we would survive without each other. That unconditional love that you would do anything for her and she for you… legal at least… she did ask me to kill a kid or two, lol.

But even during those times I was there to listen to her. How her day really sucked. I was able to talk to her, comfort her. And she would do the same for me. Its easy to compromise with a heart as pure as snow. That was my Angel. Not sure I can find that kind of heart again. Life leaves too many scars and battle wounds. Yet as I say, I am optomistic. So, if your single… lol.

Thanks for reading my verbage. You saw it here… by the 17th, another post…

If your an internet marketer and are looking for advertising, go see my site 1 Modern Solution. If you want hosting… your own blog to a full blown shopping cart, head over to DAHOST4U. My partner John and I would be glad to see you there.

By the way, the featured image was March 14, 2015. The day we bought the Mazda. No it wasn’t the one she is in…

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  • DA,
    I’m glad to see you making a come back. I’m glad to see you doing it on your terms. I’m glad you can focus on your online love. I’m glad to still hear hope in your words.
    Welcome back.

  • Randy May says:

    Gosh … Hard to believe it has been almost a full year, yet this time next, it will be nearly 2 years. Now that’s a thought! God made lots of angels … I’ve had three in my life. Only one still lives, and not with me. Life at times is hard to understand, but just when I wanted to let it all go and take my place on the patio at “The Home”, he sent me a forth angel to explore, and it seems there is an new dawn ahead, so I prepare for that with enthusiasm and excitement. We either move forward, or we don’t. Your horizon looks exciting to me, so it must look really cool through your eyes!

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