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The RV

I wrote this down on notebook paper a few months go… wanted to share.

Today is the day!
Live your life with abandon.
Be courageous and wild at heart.
Be your own hero.

Follow your dreams no matter how big they seem.

Fall in love.

Take time to appreciate the moments,
for they will soon be your memories.

Be good to yourself.
Dance,sing and play no matter how old you feel.
Believe in your own strength, power and fortitude.

Embrace new possibilities.
Make friends everywhere you go.
Inspire someone.
Be brave.
Accept changes.
Be spontaneous.

Rely on your talents and use them wisely.

Surround yourself with love, laughter and truth.

Don’t take it all too seriously.

Forgive quickly and don’t hold grudges.
Create happiness.
Seek peace and calm.
Learn something new everyday.
Laugh often.

Be gracious and kind.
Smile at strangers.
Enjoy the little things…

I intend on enjoying this life journey
just hope along the way I can make it beautiful.

I’ll let you know how things have gone since I
wrote those notes of encouragement to myself.

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  • Jo Ann DeBorde says:

    Such encouraging words to live by. I’m going to try them today

  • Glen says:

    Thanks for sharing. Also, much belated; please accept my deepest condolences.

    As I grow older, I have gained greater recognition that death is part of life. And through our faith we will be with our heavenly Father. An old saying is so clear. Love the people God has given you for one day He will want them back to be with Him.


  • Hi DA.

    Thank you so much for Sharing. I will do my best to live by these words.
    I always enjoy reading your blogs. You inspire me.


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