Drive Time

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Drove 16 hours to spend 24 hours with family
this past weekend. It is probably the shortest amount of time
I have spent at my grandmothers house, but it is one of the
most enjoyable. It was really great to catch up. While I was
there in May, I don’t think I was really there… Max did
quite a bit of wandering himself… its open mountain land
and Max loves the “smells”.

He is doing quite well as you can tell in the featured image.
That was a couple months ago inside the Honda dealership as we
were getting the car serviced… Oh the life…

I was also saddened by this trip. I realized that once my moms
generation is gone, there will be no more gatherings at my grandmothers
house. While I see my aunts and uncles usually once a year, I am lucky
to see my cousins once every five years.

Its the world in which we live. We are to busy going too many places,
doing too many things to take the time with the ones we love. You know
my mom still sends out birthday and anniversary cards… not ecards. Ones
that come to the mailbox in front of your house…

It was 6 months end of last month when Nichole died. There isn’t a day that
has gone by that I haven’t thought of her. Her death is a constant reminder
to me to not procrastinate visiting with the ones you love. You never
know when that opportunity will fail to exist anymore.

So far, One Day At A Time has served me well. Things are finally starting
to fall into place. Mind you I still have some struggles to overcome, but
I am in a place where I can move on and begin to think about the rest of
my life.

That has been my biggest struggle. What to do… where to go?
I still have no plans or goals for the future, but I know as each day
passes my future is being built.

I know she is forever by side.
As I continue to move forward, I hope she is proud of me…
“That’s my baby…”
and the decisions I have made. My future relationships will be
blessed with the memories, experiences and love we shared over
the last twenty years.

Love… spread it around. Its one of the few things governments
of the world don’t tax. It makes more money for them to promote
the opposite!

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