Where Do We Live?

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Someone suggested that I be abreast of the news. To take two topics each day and use them in conversation with others. It would help me in being more social and it would make those whom I talk with more comfortable because many times they don’t know what to talk about with me.

OMG… How depressing! The news these days makes me feel worse than my wife… Wait, is that a word anymore? Was she my partner?

That is why marriages are held in churches! It’s a union between a man and woman sanctified before God. How dare our government try to force God to bless a marriage between something other than a man and a woman! I now pronounce you… Partners before God… you may kiss your… What?

There is an uproar over a piece of cloth that many Americans felt was a symbol of our heritage and freedoms. Yet a few have convinced the masses that it was a symbol of hatred. Give me a break! People don’t need a symbol to hate. Bigotry, greed, hate are all sins forgiven by God that each one of us have committed at some point in our life. Unfortunately the world today doesn’t bother with forgiveness. They just keep committing the sin. It becomes a snowball effect, because we don’t want to sin alone. So the sheep follow the wolves instead of the shepard!

We have a government that no longer represents the people that it serves. They are the wolves. They have turned neighbors against each other. Created divisions in families. The government has used corruption and self gratification to forge agendas and beliefs on those willing to follow. They have hidden the shepard with lies and deciet. Hoping they can keep the ruse going long enough to suck you in and devour your soul.

We have presidential canidates that have no business running for office! The same wolves, just a different face. Men and women who have no clue who the shepard is and the power that he has to help them reunite the people that they vow to represent. They change their beliefs and values more than I change my underwear in a week! Instead, they keep the shepard hidden in the shadows hoping that their self serving agendas will be adopted by the masses and spread like a cancer in todays fast paced society.

The amount of immorality in todays world is more depressing than my WIFE wading through all the false ideaology and finding the shepard. My baby is at peace with her Lord. I am envious! She found her way past the wolves. Is that the only way we can find peace? Is there no such thing as Peace On Earth anymore?

We endorse heroic sports figures that have changed their gender, yet we don’t properly acknowledge the real men and women that sacrifice everything for others. We are more concerned about what we can get as opposed to what we can do to help… Brutality from those sworn to protect. Disrespect on every level. Need I go on?

Change comes from within… Are you following the wolves or are you following the shepard? None of us are perfect… But we can strive to do so each day. Keep our government honest. If enough of us sheep start following the shepard, the wolves will be forced to retreat and actually follow the shepard themselves!

Where do we live? In the greatest country on earth! Let’s keep it that way. One individual at a time… One day at a time!

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