Sadness That Brings Tears of Happiness

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So, it was about this time last Monday that the two police officers
knocked at the door. They asked if they could come in. I said, “Sure, what’s
up?”. They stepped inside and after a moment of silence said, “There has
been an accident…”. Not sure the emotion I felt… I just remember falling
to my knees then… the two of them helping me off knees. Not sure
of the time frame between the two.

My first phone call was to Steven. My second to Mom and Dad.

This may be a long post…
and Max is in is house for the first time in a week 🙂

For the rest of the week, it’s a whirlwind of emotions… love, compassion,
anger, peace… yea, you get the hint. The likes, comments, shares, condolences…
on Facebook were incredible! If you haven’t been there… DA FACEBOOK PAGE HERE
It has truly been a tribute to my baby and the incredible person she was.

The worst of the week was the wait to see her after the accident. Once I saw her,
I knew she was at peace. I was good. She looked Happy. She was with Mom!

Included in the gallery are some images of the week.

I wish I would have recorded the committal service. It was beautiful. It was
a great celebration of her life. It was inspiring. It was a down right tribute
to the legacy she leaves behind. One of the speakers at the service was a lady
named Gretchen. She worked closely with Nichole on a daily basis. She commented
that Nichole always made sure things were perfect. There was no doubt
in her getting things done. That was my baby!
And Enzo Masters, one of Nichole’s 3rd Grade students… OMG. it was AWESOME!


Even now she is getting things done. She wrapped around me a loving supporting
family. A system familiar to her sister to make sure things around the house got done.
A father who has been my second father and a brother whom is my only brother.
My own Mother and father.

She brought friends together around me from work and church, giving me a safety net
in case I fell. That’s why she looked so Happy… she knew it was ok because
everything was in place. She could go see Mom and not feel bad about leaving
us here.

Keep her legacy alive. Read and make your own comments at the memorial website…
Nichole M. Riley Legacy

Thank You to all.

Alford Elementary you have gone above and beyond to show your
love and support for me. Truly shows a testament to the impact
she made on you and your lives. I probably won’t remember names and
faces for years to come, but I will certainly remember what you have
done and continue to do.

Pastor Katie. You portrayed my baby beautifully. Your support as well as Pastor
John’s and the rest of the church body has been tremendous.

Friends… thank you. Some of you I have known since Nichole and I met. Many I
didn’t know at all… she touched lives where ever she went and whatever she did.

Family… I wouldn’t have made it without you.

April my sister-in-law set up a Go Fund Me Account. The donations are utterly amazing.
Thank You to everyone who donated! It has helped ends meet. Now it’s just following the
parameters she set forth for me to survive without her… with the help from April.

Amazing the little things that now remind me of her. For an instant it brings
sadness, but happiness wins over as I remember the story behind the memory. She
would not have wanted me sitting around sulking.

I love you, punkin!

Gone from our sight. Forever in our hearts

Thank you to everyone that donated, bought food, made food, delivered food, dropped what you were doing to get here, prayed, consoled, sent love, supported, cried, hugged, socialized with the family, sent cards, sent flowers, liked, commented, shared, blogged… did I miss anyone?

Last Week Was The Mourning. This Week Starts the Heal…

So, this took me a day and a half to put together, lol.
I hope this helps you as it did me. Nichole was a rare
woman. It helped me by sharing her with you.


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  • Keith says:

    David, my friend,

    I have always thought that we were so much alike in so many ways.
    Both in similar, and sometimes identical, professions with similar interests. Both with intelligent and beautiful younger soul mates who worked at similar, though not identical, professions. Although we only met Nichole a few times, we always thought of her as a friend and feel her loss very deeply. Our thoughts and prayers are with you daily.

    Keith & Kaye

  • Sherry Walker says:

    David, you will never be alone, even though it feels that way. She will always be with you to guide you through the dark times when you just want to crawl into a hole. I have never met either of you personally. I do know you from time spent on 1 Modern Solution. You have loving family and friends who will pull you up when you hit your knees again, and I know from experience that you will. Your life will never be the same as when she was here with you, but she will make sure you are taken care of! You will gather strength and comfort from all the wonderful memories you shared. Be good to yourself. Don’t dwell on the guilt from not seeing her that morning. It was for a reason in the Divine plan, though we may never understand the why’s of it all. My attempt of trying to help you is helping me with my grief as well. It isn’t easy my friend. I will not tell you it is. I don’t know if it will ever be. If you would like to share, please feel free to message me. I pray God will Bless you richly with comfort and peace.

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