Joseph and Abra Riley

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Have you ever been desperate and someone or a group of people stepped in to help?


Now is your chance to give back…

Many of you know, I own a traffic exchange along with several other programs here on the internet. Joseph and Abra Riley became fellow TE Owners with an exchange named Forever Concepts The whole idea behind the site was to give a percentage of the profits to Kiva an organization that helpsempower people around the world to be entrepreneurs.

They helped to raise several thousands of dollars!

While taking a vacationing from their Australian Homeland, Joseph became ill in Sacremento, CA. After a few weeks in the hospital, Josephs condition did not improve. Joseph passed away on the 12th of October. Abra is now stranded in Sacramento, unable to get her and Joseph back to Australia.


Read all the details on Joseph Riley’s  Memorial page, here…

Many exchange owners have diligently gathered together to help. Help them help her… go here to buy some advertising where owners will donate profits for the Riley cause…

We have been busting our butts..4 of us donated $1.00 per head count and one $.025 our highest head count was 146 People. We have raised close to $2000.00. I myself have to pay out $146.00 plus % of sales. Kaye Towne, Brian Shcilling, Kym Robinson, and Eric Horzwarth joined me in putting up a price per head count.

Now we want to keep it going. I have been doing this for about 36 hours now and I would love for ya’ll to pop into SWAT room and see us and chat a bit.


Would love to see you there!


Now is your chance to feel good about yourself and help someone in serious need! Your time energy will be seriously appreciated by Abra. Joseph and Abra Riley were unselfish people that gave willingly… now lets let them know that there are others willing to do the same for them.

A memorial page has been set up for Joseph Riley here…


Want to read even more… look at Google Search



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  • admin says:

    I wanted to add that there has been a petition created for the funeral home where Joseph Riley’s body was prepared. They are refusing to release until the bill has been paid. Please consider signing…

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