Embracing New realities

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The retail world has changed over the last nine months. excess and luxury are out and thriftiness and simplicity are in. It’s the same in tody’s internet marketing and advertising. It is changing before our very eyes. Much like the rapid change in technology, the way we utilize the information we gather and the way we do business online is different than it was just a year ago.

Personal relationships are in. Gone are the “show” or “stage” shows once practiced. They are too gimmicky in these pragmatic times. Personal relationships show customers, clients, and guests that companies are authentic and genuine. This is extremely important online, as you have only your personality and design of your website to rely on. Online marketers need to supply uncharacteristic support and do so with a caring attitude.

There are those that are embracing these new realities… both on and offline. It will be these companies and individuals that will grow and prosper in this unpredictable time of reconfiguring the way we do business. Then there are those still trying to do what worked for them 9 months ago, and wondering why things aren’t working. They are either becoming very frustrated as they pedal backwards, not willing to accept the winds of change.

There are new realities in internet marketing and advertising. Grasp the bull by the horn and be bold and brilliant in your quest to be successful. Get a support desk, and be proactive in utilizing it. Communicate with members, guests, clients, and customers through timely support. Utilize social marketing. One of the best ways to instill confidence and trust in you and your product is to be seen in the social realm and circles. There are literally hundreds of them out there… choose a few that are generic, and a few that are specific for your niche. Be known as the go to guy/gal in your niche or industry. You will find greater success by treating your members, clients, customers and guests like you yourself like to be treated… with respect, dignity and as a fellow human being.

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  • Andy Johnson says:

    I appreciated this little piece of information regarding products and where they are made. I will be keeping a closer look.

    I am curious about Chrysler. My wifes new van was assembled in Canada. I noticed the new commercials that would lead one to believe that their products are manufactured in the USA. Hmm, I will be taking a look shortly at the dealership and see what it says on the stickers.

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