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So, wasn’t sure what to write today, but it has been awhile since posting on my personal blog. Decided I would clue you in on my latest project. Back a few months ago, I created a chat module for Top Flight Traffic as a way for surfing members to communicate with each other. I didn’t however want it to distract from their surfing. So, no links or advertising were allowed. It worked out real well… so much so that I networked it with my exchange 1 Modern Solution

I realized that we were on to something… networked exchanges via the chat module. Randy and I did some brainstorming and decided we needed to enhance the community and create a separate site where members could go and network even more. In comes the first community linked via multiple websites using the same surf chat module. KRAVE is growing well, and there are now several exchanges linked together. I believe it will further grow as more and more members realize the networking capabilities it represents.

Watch for promotional material soon…


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