Lil Nikki

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So, my time here in SC has been interesting to say the least.

I’d like if I may, share some of the moments in this post.

If you follow my Facebook, you will know it got pretty dramatic when Max got bit by a water moccasin. He is now fine and just as stubborn as ever. He was quite the patient there for awhile. Sucking up all the attention he could get. Thanks to all those who responded on Facebook and helped during the crisis.

20160723_111702Not too long after I got here, I bought a new Jeep Compass. I realized living in the middle of no where enjoying the #lakelife, I was going to need a dependable vehicle. So, like most Americans I went into debt for one.

Introducing “Lil Nikki”.


Gets pretty good gas mileage, it’s Max friendly, comfortable and a lot of fun to drive. Fits right nicely with my #lakelife attitude.


Some of you saw my 499 days post on Facebook and were unsure of its meaning. It was actually the day before a turning point for me. August 12th marked 500 days since Nichole’s accident. It was a point I had decided many months ago that I wanted to be someplace in life where I was happy. That I was able to enjoy each moment of life. At 499 days, I didn’t think I was there. My “Don’t worry, be happy” mentality was threatened not by my lack of positive thinking, but the negativity around me at work. Corporate America produces stress. Stress produces negativity by those who don’t know how to handle it. While I can “fix” most people with my own positive mentality, it becomes grueling when you do it day in and day out. You start to miss the bluebells blooming along the sides of the road!

So, I looked to change my environment and apply for a different division in the same company….

To be continued…




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Now 11…

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First of all a big thanks to all the birthday wishes…

Facebook, Twitter, Skype… I was overwhelmed.

Sunday I moved… left you with just a snippet. It wasn’t like it was a thief in the night kinda thing, though it was the fastest move I have ever made… the cheapest also. I guess a motor home is the ideal for someone with gypsy blood.


I am now about 35 miles west of Charleston, South Carolina… the 11th state in which I have lived in the last 25 years. The property is on a lake and I pretty much feel like I am in the middle of nowhere. It’s quite peaceful and serene. While my Sprint phone coverage is spotty, my internet signal is strong.

I think I will like it here for awhile. The view from my front door…


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Goodbye Savannah

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A big shout to Robert Wesley Norman.

Say Hi to my punkin for me! You will be missed, Robert!!


My Gypsy blood is boiling...

Moving to Charleston, SC. this weekend.

Of course the weather had to be miserable.

I leave you Savannah…


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Transgender Bathrooms?

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20160417_135333So Max and I decided to go to downtown Savannah this past weekend. It was a beautiful day out… one with lots of new smells for prince charming. He stops 100 times in a mile to smell something. I have literally seen him smell the individual branch of a small shrub. The plus side… I have no food crumbs lying around my house!20160417_141006


We spent most of our time here at Forsythe Park. Its the largest of several parks within the city limits. The fountain to the right is it’s centerpiece. It was built in 1858. and resembles a few other fountains found around the world, including Paris and Peru. The park is always full of activity, and a beautiful day like today was no exception. It  covers 30 acres and is both open playing fields and a shaded circular walkway all the way around. There is alsoforsyth-park-night-large a shaded walk way directly through the center. The shade is provided by magnificent live oak trees. If you look behind the fountain you will see a bride and groom exchanging vows…20160417_135300

We had a great day. Savannah really is a beautifully unique city. It has its own sense of charm and charisma I have seen no where else. Horse and Buggy, bicycle tours, haunted house tours, fine dining, great parks, unique people… all just some of the things found in Savannah.



Watch for the Savannah Photo Gallery!


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